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Close to nature | 比利时乐迈地板,跨越无界

提要: 自1985年起,作为欧洲地板的引领品牌,乐迈始终致力于打造安全健康的人居环境,追求技术与美学的不断创新,鼓励人们充分享受自然的生活。



  Since 1985, as the leading brand of European flooring, Lamett has always been committed to creating a safe and healthy living environment, pursuing continuous innovation in technology and aesthetics, and encouraging people to fully enjoy the natural life.


  From Belgium, Lamett flooring is subordinate to the CFL group. CFL is an international enterprise with global operation. Its operation and R&D teams come from 17 countries and regions around the world. Its Asian headquarters are located in Shanghai. It has branches in the UK, the US, Russia, Canada, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Its manufacturing bases are all over Belgium, Taiwan and Zhejiang Jiang, Hunan, Ho Chi Minh of Vietnam and Hanoi, Russia, Czech Republic, etc. products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions, with an annual sales volume of more than 40 million square meters.


  Lamett focuses on the new material flooring industry, adheres to the spirit of innovation, pragmatism and diligence, tries its best to provide customers with 100% high-quality products, practices the core service concept of customer first, gives full play to the advantages of product research and development, product quality and international talents, and constantly provides innovative products to the market, leading the market trend.


  In 2016, Lamett pioneered the crystal stone floor category, which has excellent waterproof, sound reduction, 0 formaldehyde addition, easy installation, easy maintenance and other characteristics, and solved all the pain points in the use of the traditional wood flooring products. Lamett advocates health and environmental protection, Lamett  has always been committed to original research and development, especially in the aesthetic finish and technical research and development of the products, so that its products have not With the same style and surface effect, it can truly reproduce all kinds of natural or industrial materials, and is widely used in high-end hotels, residences, commercial and public projects.





  案例展示——酒店Hotel Project


  Lamett floor pavement not only makes the hotel more natural and relaxed, but also shows the color and texture of the floor, the stability and atmosphere of the hotel, and improves the overall decoration style. In such a hotel, you are not only a passenger, but also an experience officer of high-quality life.

三亚万丽度假酒店Sanya Wanli resort

西安希尔顿酒店Xi’an Hilton

海南菩墅酒店Hainan Pushu Hotel

  案例展示——商业空间 Commercial Project


  Lamett floor is suitable for various personalized spaces. The color matching is not only elegant and stable, but also shows a sense of strength and efficiency.


北京戴姆勒奔驰大厦Mercedes Benz




  The base material density, hardness and stability of Lametti floor are stronger, fearless of strong impact and resist all kinds of accidents.

  Dario Studio - Prime gym

  案例展示——教育 School Project


  In terms of the choice of the floor, choose the light color herringbone spelling style. The colors are well arranged and the lines are distinctive. It gives people a sense of flow in the vision. When they see such a hall, they can't help but feel happy.



  案例展示——住宅Apartment Project


  Resident chooses Lamett floor when decorating his own house a way to solve the problem that traditional floor cannot be used in areas such as toilets and kitchens, break the use boundary, and make the living area more natural and comfortable.


  旧房改造| 乐迈为您换新家 Renovation Strength


  Most second-hand house buyers will redecorate the house, which is a time-consuming and laborious project, especially the renovation of the floor is the most laborious! Because it is necessary to remove and knock down the crude oil floor and old ceramic tile of the old house, and then level the floor again, and pave the new floor. The steps are very tedious, while the Lamett floor can be directly paved as long as the original ground is flat, no need to remove the old floor products or keel, and the floor decoration can be completed easily.

  Close to nature 亲近自然



  From nature, close to nature and protect nature

  Over the years, Lamett  has always cherished every gift given by nature and made great efforts to make every floor with environmental protection quality. Lamett will

  be always with you.